Cycling Purpose

Cycling Purpose


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Cycling Purpose
      It is also necessary to choose a saddle based on the Cycling Purpose . If you are only cycling leisurely or accidentally, but you choose a saddle that is only used by a professional rider, it is actually inappropriate and unnecessary.
      The general purpose of cycling can be roughly divided into three categories. 1: For the purpose of casual cycling, the cycling frequency is particularly low. Go out and play on weekends or vacations. 2: It is a hobby to exercise. There will be a planned cycling saddle, and the cycling distance has certain requirements. 3: Cycling enthusiasts training or competition saddle.
      The choice of cycling saddle for leisure purposes mainly considers cycling comfort. It is best to choose a saddle with a thicker foam layer, a saddleing structure, and a thicker and larger one. This type of saddle will not cause soft tissue contusion. Make cycling more comfortable.
      The saddle used by amateurs should choose a professional saddle. The material, strength, and structure of the saddle should be evaluated in detail. Long-distance and frequent cycling can cause physical injury if the saddle is selected incorrectly. So from the selection of the saddle, installation to use must be recommended.
      Training or competition saddles are currently recommended to choose professional brand saddles. You will always find a suitable saddle for you to test the saddle under the knowledge of professionals. If conditions permit, you can find a professional manufacturer to customize the exclusive saddle.